Mandatory Requirements

  • Resume
  • Required kit for Transportation
  • Valid AZ driver's licence
  • 5+ years of driving experience
  • Worker Health and Safety Awareness
  • Clean Commercial Abstract (no older than 3 months)
  • Clean Driver Abstract (no older than 3 months)
  • Transport Road Test/Evaluation:
    • Must be performed on a manual transmission truck (10-speed or more)
    • Must be completed within last 6 months
    • Evaluation sheet must show the grading/marking of your skills as a driver
    • Can be completed at any Ontario Ministry of Transportation trucking school/facility of your choice
  • CSA Green triangle patch safety boots


  • 60+ days worked in a driving position in the motion picture industry
  • Able to operate:
    • 5-speed transmission
    • 6-speed transmission
    • 8-speed transmission
    • 10-speed transmission
    • 13-speed transmission
    • 18-speed transmission
    • Semi-automatic transmission
  • Magic Bus certification
  • Propane ROT (Connection & Use of Construction Heaters <400k BTUH)
  • Standard First Aid + CPR + AED
  • Training familiarity with the Occupational Health and Safety Act


Mandatory Kit

  • Inclement weather/rain gear
  • Safety vest
  • Work gloves
  • CSA Green triangle patch safety boots