Current Productions

Art of Racing in the Rain, The - Feature
Term Agreement Feature Film (Daily Seniority)
FOX Toronto Productions Ltd.
30 Booth Ave., Suite 100
M4M 2M2
P 416-465-3700 F E

July 05 2018 - July 08 2018
Producer n/a
Director Simon Curtis
Line Producer n/a
Prodn Manager Whitney Brown
Prodn Coord n/a
Prodn Designer n/a
DOP n/a
Backdraft 2 - DVD
Term Agreement (Supplemental TV)
BD2 Productions Inc. / NBC Universal
2450 Victoria Park Ave., Suite 4
P 647 - 924 - 0303 F E

June 03 2018 - June 04 2018
Producer Raffaella De Laurentiis
Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
Line Producer Hester Hartget
Prodn Manager Mariam Pascal
Prodn Coord n/a
Prodn Designer n/a
DOP Joes David Montero
Boys, The (Season 1) - Series
Term Agreement (Supplemental TV)
Idaho Productions Ltd./Sony TV / Amazon
777 Kipling Ave. Suite#105
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-234-0243 F 416-234-9338 E

May 22 2018 - September 25 2018
Producer Hartley Gorenstein, Eric Kripke, Neal Moritz, Seth Rogan
Director Seth Rogen / Evan Goldberg
Line Producer n/a
Prodn Manager Stefan Steen
Prodn Coord Jonathan Pencharz
Prodn Designer David Blass
DOP Jeff Cutter / Sam McCurdy /Jeremy Benning