Hello to all members

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Hello to all Members just tuning into the Green Zone. Your Environment Committee has been working enthusiastically to develop strategies we can all use to make our work sustainable.

We need you!

We are putting together a "best practices" document. We are looking at each department to identify what the problems areas are. Energy consumption, waste issues, toxic materials and pollution are some that are immediately identifiable. We need INPUT from the membership to identify these problems and suggestions for ways to solve them. There are "crossover" issues where 2 or 3 departments may share a single issue, for example waste water in trailers affects hair, wardrobe, makeup and ultimately transport. Paint and carpentry share many issues, recycling of materials, proper disposal of toxic materials, and choosing better products that we both work with.

We are asking for everyone to participate. Use the CONTACT US button to the left and let us know what's happening in your department!

Thanks and we are looking forward to hearing from you.