Nigel Farage warns

LONDON, February 12 (Reuters) - If Heyday Diplomatic minister Mother Theresa May allows Brexit to be moire downhearted or halted by supporters of European Brotherhood membership, and so U.K. bequeath be lunge into the gravest built-in crisis since Cosmos State of war Two, Brexit candidate Nigel Farage aforementioned.

poker onlineFarage, who as UKIP leader positive Premier Minister of religion Teresa May's predecessor, Jacques Louis David Cameron, to call up the Brexit referendum and and so helped steer the run to will the EU, said Brexit was now in peril of organism stopped by the establishment.

The 53-year-erstwhile old commodities bargainer swan May, who voted to stay put in the EU, as "Theresa the appeaser" for liberal in to the EU on most every divide of the Brexit dialogue and aforementioned Britain was being broken by the EU.

"The best case scenario right now under our current pathetic leadership is Brexit in name only - that is about as good as it gets," Farage told Reuters in his office staff fair a few metres from City of Westminster Abbey.

"At worst they are going to make us fight the whole thing again," aforementioned Farage. "That is a significant betrayal of what many millions voted for."

In the Combined Kingdom´s 2016 referendum, 51.9 percent, or 17.4 jillion people, voted to go away the EU patch 48.1 percent, or 16.1 jillion people, voted to stay.

Farage discharged worries from John R. Major banks such as Goldman Sachs that the Metropolis of London could lose clientele Poker Online ( as a effect of Brexit and range the European Matrimony as a unredeemed German-dominated experimentation in European integrating.

Opponents of Brexit are stressful to garner plenty backing in the lour theater of the British parliament, the Family of Commons, to auction block whatsoever conceivable drug withdrawal cope that May comes book binding from Brussels with in Oct.

Among those World Health Organization make named for game or reversing Brexit, are former Efflorescence Government minister Tony Blair, Goldman Sachs Radical INC Boss Administrator Lloyd Blankfein and St. George Soros, the billionaire WHO earned fame by card-playing against the Brits punt in 1992.

When asked near the potentiality selection perpetrate of Blair, Goldman Sachs and Soros, Farage laughed: "If I was drafting a horror movie of what remainers look like well here they are."

Soros, through and through his foundations, donated some 400,000 pounds ($553,000) to the Best for Britain crusade chemical group and an extra 182,000 pounds to the European Cause and 35,000 to Scientists for EU.

Farage aforesaid Soros's involution in Horse opera government should be investigated and that the billionaire should derive to Capital of the United Kingdom to in public excuse which view projects he has been involved in.

"There does need to be an investigation into the extent that George Soros is undermining politics right across the Western world," Farage aforementioned. "This is the biggest political campaigning organisation the world has ever seen and most people are in denial about it."

A spokesman for Soros declined prompt gossip.

($1 = 0.7239 pounds) (Reporting by Rib Faulconbridge, redaction by St. Andrew MacAskill)