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Attention I.A.T.S.E. Local 873 Members:

Our Corporate plan with GoodLife renewed July 1st.    GoodLife is now handling all the administration and they have provided us with a link which is available now on the IATSE Local 873 website under “Member Discounts” for you to register and pay.    There is also a link provided on our website under MY873 < Member Discounts.


You must be signed in with your Member password to see it on the website or you can simply click here and register.


GoodLife recommends registering using a desktop computer with Google Chrome


As of December 2017, Goodlife will ask you to log into your GoodLife account with your GoodLife password prior to registering or rejoining. If you have not created an account yet, a link will be provided. Once this is done the registration process can begin.  You will be asked to find your company- if IATSE 873 does not appear try 873 IATSE, our name was transposed when they made recent changes but hopefully will be corrected soon.

All IATSE873 Members are welcome to join. New registrations will still be accepted now and your membership date will begin on the day you register although it may take a few days to process.  ****IMPORTANT***    You will be asked for your IATSE Local 873 Member Employee Number when you register.  You can find this on your personal profile page on our website when you log in.  Renewing Members must specify that they are existing GoodLife members. The cost of the plan is $449.00 for a year plus applicable taxes if you pay in full up front for the year. If you prefer, you can now pay bi-weekly instead for $19.19 plus applicable taxes – but this will end up costing you more. GoodLife will take all payments directly.   If you pay bi-weekly it will not cancel until you put in your cancellation.

Members must join first and then they can register their family members, if desired. Family Members will receive the same discounted rate as of the participating Member.  Our discount is based on a minimum of 10 Members joining or rejoining on July 1st.  Please click here to see the official GoodLife- IATSE 873 flyer or here to see the FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions page) for further details and if you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

 Kind Regards,

Mary Pederson
Membership Services Coordinator
I.A.T.S.E. Local 873
82 Carnforth Rd., Toronto, ON M4A 2K7
Tel: 416-368-1873 x222
Fax:  416-368-8457




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